Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not My Best Look

So many friends have been curious about the sleep study, so when I went back for round 2 last week, I took a camera. I especially like the red marker on my face and the twist ties holding my hair out of the way, don't you? They use glue to attach sensors to my scalp.

Almost Ready for Bed

If you're curious about why flannel pjs in July . . . it was all part of being as comfortable as I could be. I'd been a little cold during the first study. I brought a flannel quilt, my pillow and some wool footies to keep my toes warm, too.

Sensor WiresHow many sensors were there, you ask? Here they are, before they were attached to me. This box sat on the bed, next to me.

Of course my look wasn't complete until they added a mask with headgear . . . and then, a strap to prevent me from breathing through my mouth. The first mask proved to be too claustrophobic, the second one was a winner ;-)

But other than all that, the environment was quite comfortable and the observing tech was tucked away in the command center–out of sight, out of mind?

Inviting Bed Control Center

I came home with a CPAP unit and mask and can already tell that it's going to make a big difference in the quality of life for me.


His Office, My Studio said...

233 times is very scarry! I am sure once you get all the test completedand get the results you will feel so much better and get back to sleeping.

Christine Thresh said...

Well, well now I have a picture of you. Remember months ago I was looking for a picture, and you looked too, for my blog post on Make Believe Friends.
I'm going to save this one in case I ever need a picture again.
Sweet dreams to you.

floribunda said...

wow -- I can sleep through almost anything, but I don't know if I could sleep with all that paraphernalia attached to me! Good job! I hope the cpap works for you.

Samantha said...

Here's hoping the CPAP does the trick!

Kate North said...

Well, I've been wondering for some time what you looked like, but something tells me that might not be quite the mental picture you really want me to have all the time... But gosh I hope this works for you. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Granny Fran said...

They sure gave you an attractive room for the sleep study. All my heart tests were done in sterile hospital ER and radiology rooms, which were not attractive or comfortable. Hope the mask helps you sleep and feel better.

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