Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tea(se) for Two

I'm working on two Doll quilts to swap with friends.

One is part of Kate's Another Little Quilt Swap. The other is for (blogless) Terri. Without saying which is which, here are the sets of fabrics I think I'll be using.

Civil War Repro Fabrics for a Doll Quilt Handdyes for a Doll Quilt

One will be foundation pieced using an original design; the other will be a very traditional miniature. I'm looking forward to working on them both . . . and the deadlines loom on the horizon.

The other work-in-progress around here is the that the great bedroom-sewing room switch which is now more finished than not. I still need to put up design walls and peg boards and move and organize my fabrics and clothes, but I am sleeping in the new bedroom and and sewing in the new sewing room, where I can enjoy the view of the pond.

Heron on the Pond

Even on an ugly, rainy day, the view can be pretty entertaining. There are ducklings on the pond and today, a gaggle of Canadian geese faced off with this heron in some sort of dispute over territory on my little pond.

The cats weren't allowed in the old sewing space. I'm not sure if I can deprive them of the prime upstairs pond view . . . but I'm not sure if they can learn not to be so helpful.

Johnny helps layout blocks

These are some 30's repros triangle square blocks like those I sent to Becca this week for her swap. I'm thinking a scrappy broken dishes quilt could be fun . . . and Johnny B. seems to like the idea, too.


Mama Spark said...

You're kidding right? Cats are *always* helpful! LOL

The Calico Cat said...

Give up now, the cats will always be helpful! (Unless they aren't. My girl can't be bothered, but my boy makes up for it hith his zeal!)

Kate North said...

I think I might be able to guess which is which, but I'm not saying. And I agree with the other comments - good luck getting cats NOT to be helpful...

Christine Thresh said...

I think your move was a good idea. A view of your pond will make your work more pleasant.

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