Monday, February 01, 2010

Because I like Round Numbers . . .

I made six extra January Lotto blocks this afternoon, so winner #6 will receive an easily settable set of 40 blocks.

January & February Lotto Blocks

The last day/first days of the month are usually a flurry of Block Lotto logisitics. Since January was our biggest month ever (with 280 blocks, counting my extras) and 6 winners, there's a bit more emailing and following-up than usual.

As a result of timing, mostly, my design wall now has January Tic-tac-toe blocks, waiting to be packed up and mailed to the winners and some of the free-pieced "liberated love letters" we're making for the February Block Lotto–there are links in the sidebar if you want to know more about the block lotto . . . and maybe even join us. Here's a larger look at honey (my first block for the month).

Sophie's honey block

To be honest, I'm anxious to get back to the project that was on the wall a few days ago, that I blogged about here.

11 Liberated Wedding Ring Blocks More String Fabric

After I finished making 14 blocks–as many Liberated Wedding Ring blocks as I had string yardage–I decided I wanted a bigger quilt and pieced some more strings. This time, since I knew how they would be used, instead of making a single piece of "yardage," I made sections that were sized to be cut into 2 or 3 blocks. The sun block is a reminder that I need to re-draft that block in a different size for the next UFO I plan to finish.


Debra Dixon said...

Liberated Love Letters is a fun idea!

I am really liking your Liberated Wedding Ring too.

lj_cox said...

The love letters are a nifty idea!

For some reason the rings with the red make me think of old-fashioned lifesavers candy, the original hard candies in the multicolored roll. No idea why that should be.

sophie said...

I like the image (of the old-fashioned life-savers candy).

Clare said...

Great letters.

Goblinf said...

I've replied Sophie, sorry it was later than everyone else!

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