Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Playing with Scraps

I Love the Block LottoWhile I watched all three hours of LOST last night, I pulled out some scraps and free-pieced a few words and played some more with strings.

I'm having too much fun with these words, but I really ought to make some more "love letters" for the block lotto this month.

Block Lotto Blog Badge - in progress I'm sure my recent adventure with strings informed my decision to string piece the heart.

This afternoon, I pulled out more scraps and played with the idea of a black & white border.

Since black and white quilts never seem to photograph very nicely and I'm thinking this doll-sized quilt could become a blog badge for supporters and friends of the Block Lotto, I'm inclined to go a different way. . . isn't it interesting how seeing something on a computer screen can make you see how/why you don't like it as much as you thought ;-)

Block Lotto Blog Badge - in progress

It's back to the design wall and more playing with scraps for me, I think . . .

Edited to add, here's a photo of where I ended up.

Block Lotto Love (with borders added)

The borders will be trimmed a bit. I will probably bind it in a bright blue or red.


Debra Dixon said...

You do seem to be having fun lately! Might as well!

Clare said...

Your letters are looking great. I love the heart.

Hilda said...

We watched Lost yesterday as well, but during the day, while it snowed, snowed, and snowed some more. It was after lunch before I shoveled my way out to the sewing studio. I love your letters, and have an idea for using Tonya's letters in a quilt one of these days.

sophie said...

I woke up thinking about a quilt made from some a bunch of string hearts like this one. Lately, it seems, one quilt idea is quickly leading to another.

lj_cox said...

What about more red strings to make a narrow border, like a valentine edge? Maybe with a touch of white over it for 'lace'..

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