Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Really Knitting ... and It's about Time

If I were a speed skater, I would have been disqualified for a couple false starts.

If I were a bobsledder I wouldn't finish well because of my slow start.

Yarn from my stashI even swatched and started and stopped one more time–with a yarn that I knew had less than the required yardage for that beautiful shawl pattern.

Then, I did a little stash diving one last time and came up with this Alpaca Sox yarn ... of which I had twice as much as I should need.  I cast on last night.

It seems unlikely that I'll finish in time for the closing ceremony in Vancouver . . . but after a few stumbles, I think I've finally found the rhythm of this pattern.  I already am thinking of making another in white cotton for summer.

You can't really appreciate it before it's blocked and the triangles along the edge and lacy pattern are revealed, but here's an in-progress photo. (The yarn photo has more accurate color).

Knit in Progress

I think this will be the project that prompts me to go looking for a yarn shop with some blocking wires.


Sheri said...

I haven't been visiting the blogs much lately so I'm catching up. You've been doing some beautiful things. Love your choice of colors.

Debra Dixon said...

Way Yummy!

Sheri said...

Me again:) Love your new picture!

Christine Thresh said...

I'm glad you have a new profile picture. I like it.
That yarn is beautiful.

Barbara C said...

That's some impressive progress with the shawl. I look forward to seeing it blocked.

Sarah Nopp said...

ooo- that one is like raspberries! so pretty

Unknown said...

Hi Sophie!
I think you're doing great...and I just love the color.

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