Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lost and Found

I-Spy Play QuiltMy plan for quilting this I-Spy quilt was a simple cross-hatch over the squares, with something figurative in the borders. But when I was ready to quilt it last weekend, I realized I haven't seen my walking foot since the move from Dallas to Austin in July and had NO IDEA where it could be. Ugh ... could really have been lost in the move?

As I double checked in some storage boxes that contained some miscellaneous sewing and quilting related stuff, I didn't find the walking foot, but I did find something else ... that I had given up as lost in my move from Michigan to Dallas. An almost finished doll quilt that I carefully packed away 2 years ago was found. (No photos yet as two years later, I still want it to be a surprise for the friend who was told long ago that it was gone, gone, completely lost.)

I modified my quilting plan for the I-Spy quilt and free-motioned the whole thing with an unmarked pattern on the squares and a marked flowers and leaves pattern in the borders. I also finished the last of the quilting on the doll quilt. And last night, when I couldn't sleep--for some reason I can never sleep when there's a full moon--I finished sewing down the binding on both quilts.

Why do I think that as soon as I go buy another pricey Bernina walking foot, the old one will be found? Maybe, in the meantime, I'll just practice more free-motion quilting.

1 comment:

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

What a wonderful I Spy quilt!!
Your friend is going to be so thrilled when she receives the 'lost' doll quilt.
I hope you find your walking foot soon - hopefully before you have to buy another one.

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