Saturday, November 17, 2012

Squash Envy

Yesterday, I surfed past this video about how to make a vegetarian turducken.

It looked like an interesting recipe, but I have never before seen one of the banana squash which plays the role of the turkey in the veggieducken and thought my chances of finding one in Santa Fe were quite slim.

Today I made a quick stop at the Farmer's Market ... and look what is coming home with me (as soon as I finish my late breakfast at the Flying Saucer Cafe.)

As I finished my shopping, walking around with this monster squash cradled in my arms, everyone had a comment or a question--Is that a squash? What kind of squash is that? Wow that's a big squash! The best comment came from one of the growers in another booth.

"This is the first time I've ever had squash envy."

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Morgan said...

My variation on the original gross turducken was a fruit version. I stuffed blueberries in a banana, poked that into the hole of a pineapple and roasted the whole thing. I added ginger and brown sugar into the hole too. I called it Pinanaberry. Rather messy but tasty.

sophie said...

Someone I met when I was carrying around the ginormous banana squash told me that their boyfriend was going to make a DEEP-FRIED turducken--if there's anyway to make a turducken even more over the top, I think that would have to be it.

Your fruit version sounds tasty. My veggie-ducken looked good, but even though I made a really flavorful dressing, overall because the veggies were whole, I thought it was rather bland. Next year, I'm thinking I'll make some sort of layered vegetable terrine with Thanksgiving flavors.

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