Saturday, November 24, 2012

Technical Difficulties, 11th Hour Projects and the Holiday Lane Blog Hop

I bought the Magic Mouse for my iMac when my original wired mouse died a couple months ago.

When the batteries in the mouse died on Wednesday night and I couldn't find any replacements in the house, I figured the universe was gently telling me to spend less time sitting in front of the computer this holiday weekend ... a lot less.

Living life without a mouse kept me a way from blogging, too ... though, if you're curious, the Veggieducken I made for Thanksgiving turned out picture perfect, if a little bland.

No mouse and no blogging meant no mention of the Holiday Lane blog hop, which began on Wednesday.
The projects have been fantastic and definitely worth checking out.   After wandering out this afternoon and standing in a ridiculously long line at JoAnn to buy a piece of felt for my own 11th hour effort and picking up batteries for my mouse, I can share this set of links of projects posted so far with you, in case you've missed them elsewhere:  
Wednesday November 21
Sew Maybe I Can - Mary is now up
Jane's Quilting - Jane is now up

Thursday November 22

Friday November 23

Bonus TrianglesAside from venturing out for felt, I've had a great afternoon making my version of the Holiday Lane pillow. As 11th hour holiday projects go, this one is easy and fun and completely do-able on a saturday afternoon. I think Jill Finley's pattern could easily be adapted to make a great table runner or wall hanging or row quilt.

My reveal day is Monday ... I hope to also reveal the project I'm making from the bonus triangles ...

I'm not one for following a pattern exactly, but I challenged myself to do so for this one ...  even though I had many tangential ideas along the way.

Come back on Monday to see how well I colored inside the lines ... this time :-)

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