Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I came. I stood in (a long) line. I really didn't mind.  Somehow, it makes me feel good that people in my community are making the effort to vote.

One woman got a call from her daughter who had just finished voting for the first time.  "First time voter," she announced to the line.  Everyone cheered. She explained the cheering to her daughter on the phone, "Everyone remembers the first time they voted."

I finally reached the library of the local middle school where I voted.  After casting my ballot, I collected the "My vote counted" sticker and headed off to work.

If you are a US citizen, I hope you have already voted or WILL vote today, too.

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Rian said...

Good girl. We voted weeks ago (absentee). I think it's everyone's duty to not only vote, but to understand who and what they are voting for.

Unknown said...

I understand that is not compulsory for you in America to vote, here in Australia it is compulsory and we pay a fine if we do not vote. This means that there are always long queues at polling booths.

black bear cabin said...

sounds like a fun adventure! i voted last month by mail...i dont like to deal with lines, but yours sounded like a good time! :)

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