Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I know I said DECAF

Yesterday afternoon after racing around town running errands, I stopped for a break and very clearly ordered a DECAF latté.

And then, last night, I couldn't fall asleep.  At all. I laid awake in my dark room for hours and hours.

Around 2AM, I thought some reading might do the trick and grabbed my iPad.  I discovered this quilt and couldn't believe I hadn't seen it anywhere before.   I was smitten and immediately put it on my list of future quilts to be made.

mod pop front 
I found it blogged here, on the new-to-me blog Play-Crafts.

With a little more help from my friend, Google, I found the designer, Julie Pickles, her blog–Distant Pickles,  a source for  her pattern and templates, and a Mod Pop QAL group on Flickr–which includes much more Mod Pop eye candy in a rainbow of color ways and layouts.

After a couple more hours of mindless reading and surfing, I gave up and shortly before 5AM, got out of bed, and started my day sans sleep.  I was still, remarkably wide awake.

I was surprisingly awake and alert and motivated to work on the next thing.  I had some fruit, headed into the studio and pulled out my scrap bins.  I thought, too late, to take some sunrise photos.This one of the view from the patio is remarkable only because of the snow still on the ground despite sunny days with highs near or above 50 (F) for the past week.  The rule seems to be that the snow in shaded areas simply never goes away until Spring. I've resisted shoveling my shaded driveway ... just waiting to see if/when it will melt away.

After my brief, unsuccessful, photo session, I went back to my scrap bins and pulled these.

Scraps for a Low Volume Quilt 

I am going for a low-volume look. I'm not sure that this mix is quite there ...yet.  I will probably add more prints with white or cream backgrounds before I start cutting and sewing.

I expected a couple fabrics to jump out as the ones not like the others if I looked at a photo of them in black and white, and they do ... but I was a little surprised because the ones that are questionable are not  the ones I expected.  I look back at the collection of scraps now and I see it differently.  I'm learning.

  The Black and White Version

If you have made (or thought about making) a low-volume quilt, I'd love to hear your comments on my choices.

WIPWednesdayThis is my project for the day and my WIP for the WIP Wednesday linky party at Freshly Pieced.

Grab a cuppa, take a break and go check out what's in-progress for other quilters and have a wonderful Wednesday.  Me? I'm off to make a Post Office run before the caffeine FINALLY wears off and I can sleep.

I will definitely NOT be making a stop at a certain coffee chain today ... grumble, grumble.


Quilty Conscience said...

Even your blog sounded "wired" today. Funny! I don't drink coffee, often. Once in a while I will drink one but add lots of water and creamer. I've been thinking about low volume too but haven't gotten around to it. The black and white pictures sure help, don't they? I "tested" myself before looking at the black and white, and I too was surprised.
I'm looking forward to see what you come up with. Toni

lj_cox said...

By "low volume" I'm thinking you mean "muted"? Haven't run across the term before. I like your color choices though! It's always surprising what works and what doesn't in that sort of blended palette.

Scrapatches said...

Love your low volume color palette for your Mod Pop quilt. I have seen this pattern before and always stop to admire. Looking forward to seeing your quilt come together ... :) Pat

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