Monday, January 07, 2013

Proof of Concept - My 2012 Block Lotto Sampler

A year ago, I planned to make a sampler from the 9-inch lotto blocks we would make in 2012. A few days ago, I actually started making the blocks. Here's my set of 12.

  2012 Lotto Blocks for my sampler

This quilt will be a proof of concept of my ideas about putting together a set of blocks for the lotto each year that not only represent a variety of techniques and skill-sets (and a learning experience for beginners), but will play nicely in a sampler for those that choose to make a set of blocks for themselves. For 2012, I wanted to choose blocks that would play well in a sampler designed with a modern quilt aesthetic. 

I believe that choosing blocks that share characteristics with some of the other blocks, none would end up being the one block that's not like the others and looks like it doesn't belong and they will all play nicely together.  So, last year, we had: 

Blocks with curved elements:

  Eclipse block 3-D Flower block Silly String Block

Blocks made from geometric units

Jacob's Ladder block Hot-crossed 9-patch block Triangle-squares

Star blocks 

Split star block 5-points Star block Star-crossed block

Other figurative block designs

Improv mug block 3-D Flower block Simplified Schoolhouse Block Heart block

Etc., including blocks with skinny inserts, traditional block patterns, liberated blocks ....

If you are curious about any of the individual blocks, you can find the block patterns (and photos of more examples made for the Block Lotto last year) in the 2012 Block Lotto Index on

Now I just need to make a quilt and decide if my ideas work. But first I'll be quilting and finishing my quilt for the In Your Words blog hop which begins today.

Did you spend the weekend working on something you planned or, like me, were you distracted by an idea that continued to assert itself?


Nann said...

I like your BL sampler -- great colors! I did work on what I intended this weekend, which was assembling Easy Street. Once I figure out what border I'll use (and having slept on it (figuratively) I'm pretty sure what I'll do) I can consign ES to the box o' flimsies and get to work on something else!

Rian said...

I am ALWAYS distracted by things that demand my attention!

Nice color combos in your blocks. Very fresh.

Chris said...

I love the diversity of the elements in the blocks.

lj_cox said...

I really like the brown for sashing, and I love your focus fabrics with the other colors you chose, very pretty!

Judy Dietrich said...

I really like your use of stripes in the blocks--makes it all tie together!! This will be a nice quilt when finished. I think quilters and distraction go hand in hand--too many quilt ideas and not enough time!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very pretty, unique and creative sampler. I would never try the curved elements but they have a Wow factor to them. Nice job.

carla said...

Hi!!! Your quilt is beautiful!!! I have been watching block lotto!!! I am going to have to try some of these blocks!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

joe tulips said...

I am finally taking the time to blog hop this morning. Love the stripes!
What really caught my eye was the background fabric they are on. Are you going to make the sashing in two fabrics around the edge? So it looks like the blocks are on top of the background and then over lapping into the border? Am I making any sense?

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