Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Albuquerque and Back

Today I spent a few hours on the road, taking my sewing machine to the nearest Bernina dealer.  While it is the nearest ... it's not exactly near.  But the weather was great and the drive was easy.


There's really not much along the highway between Santa Fe and Alburquerque but wide open spaces and interesting clouds.

I found the shop, chatted with the Bernina repair guy and left my beloved purple machine in his capable hands.

I met a friend for a yummy, healthy lunch  at Thai Vegan, visited a nearby yarn shop (more on that later) and picked up my machine ... which is now happy as a clam.  Turns out the problem was a MECHANICAL one.  Something had seized, but he was able to resolve the issue and I was good to go.

Bonus! He also fixed the automatic needle threader–honestly, I broke it so long ago that I forgot it was there.

Now I feel ready for tomorrow's Friday Night Sew-In.  I will be making some lotto blocks for February (which I can't share until February 1) and continue the quilting on the scrappy comfort quilt  which came to an abrupt halt when the machine stopped dead in it's tracks a week ago.

The Quilting Continues

If all goes well, at this time tomorrow, I could be making the scrappy binding.  I might even take a break and put together some pink scraps into a little project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Over on the Block Lotto, I've started a new weekend Linky Party called Weekend Update.  Go check it out and see what this wonderfully diverse group of quilters has been up to this week. 


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Glad your machine got fixed. Thai Vegan is a nice place to eat. Oh by the way you have an extra "r" in the spelling of Albuquerque. Even though your spelling is the way the Duke spelled his name, somewhere along the way someone couldn't pronounce it with that first "r" and it was dropped. Funny how we changes things that way.

sophie said...

Doh! Thanks for the catch! I was tired and it showed--honest, I DO know how to spell Albuquerque :-)

Andra Gayle said...

i love your scrappy comfort quilt!!!! Gorgeous! We should really meet for lunch sometime as I am in Albuquerque. Ohhh- how about a trip to a quilt shop and then lunch- Quilts Ole in Corrales and then Village Pizza- not so healthy! Or, I could come up to Santa Fe. How about February 9th?

Gail in Vegas said...

Hooray! The sewing machine is fixed – happy days are here again!

Eileen said...

I had to chuckle when I read you had to drive a distance to the Bernina repairman. We had a summer home in Chama until 2011 and the WalMart in Espanola was the closest, which was 80 miles away. (I think most people have a WalMart a little closer to their homes.) Santa Fe became a day trip. I suppose it's a price to be paid for the beautiful scenery.

sophie said...

I've moved around a bit and whenever I move, it's always interesting to see what's missing in the new place, whether or not I miss it, and what new things I find. The nearest IKEA and Container Stores are in Denver Colorado–and I do miss them :-(

j-andrew said...

Sophie, I was reading your post and thinking how jealous I am! Not of the beautiful scenery and culture of New Mexico ( though I am jealous of that). But of the turn around time from your Bernina man!!! You dropped it off and picked it up the same day!?!? I'm lucky if I can drop it off and pick it up the same month! Love the quilt you are working on. We've been in the process of selling a house and buying a new one. We are moving into our new place on the lake this week! I'll actually have a sewing room and can hopefully get back to the lotto again soon. Glad your machine is up and running again!

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