Monday, February 25, 2013

Did I Jinx Myself?

Words of Love on my Design WallI probably shouldn't have referred to this as my perennial project at the beginning of the month–perhaps it was a self-fulling prophecy, because today my design wall looks like this.  I hang y head in shame as I link up with Design Wall Monday on the Patchwork Times.

Life and other distractions have been in my way.

It seems unlikely that it will become a lovely finish by the end of February, but stranger things have happened . . .

In the meantime, Oscar, the cats and I had a productive evening.  I added hanging sleeves to three quilts, including this one.

Carolina Byways

Lightweight yardstick as hanger Begun in a workshop in North Carolina in the Spring of 2007, finished a couple years ago in Dallas, Texas where I quilted and bound it.  Last night I added a hanging sleeve so it can hang in my guest bathroom ... today, I realized I never took a photo of the finished quilt.

The pattern is Split Nine-Patch. It was a great way to use a lot of scraps.

It's approximately 36 inches square which means a lightweight promotional yardstick makes a perfect hanging rod.


Linda in Calif. said...

It'a beautiful quilt and reminds my of mountains in NC. So glad you are using your "Bernina Free" time to get some projects completed.

Katie said...

beautiful project

Kate said...

Love your "words" project. Very cool. Love the colors in your split 9 patch project.

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