Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stitching with Oscar (and the Cats)

Johnny Settles inI don't know if I'll watch some/all of Academy Awards coverage tonight, but I'm thinking about hand work to have on hand–I have more appliqué sections planned for the tea towel challenge and there are a couple quilts that need hanging sleeves so they can be hung on the wall.  Or maybe I'll start a new knitting project.

I don't know what I'll work on tonight or what I'll end up watching on TV,  but I know the evening will look a little like this:

Me, in a comfortable chair, feet up and covered with a quilt, with a cat snuggling on my lap.  Sometimes it's Johnny Be Good, other times it's Grace Hopper, who will often race me up the stairs and into the den when it's that time and impatiently watch me get organized and settled and make a lap for her.

Jostling for Position
Whomever is first, it won't be long until they are joined by their partner in crime.

There will be some jostling for position. Sometimes one, or the other, decides it's not worth the effort and will give up and go stretch out on on the carpet–my cats love the warm floors in this radiant heated house–or the nearby chair.

Two cats on a lapBut usually, the rest of the evening looks like this, with me knitting or stitching and two cats dozing on my legs.

It's their ritual and part of my Slow Sunday Stitching habit, too.


Stella Nemeth said...

I found myself grinning a slow Sunday Stitching grin. It all sounded so homey.

Linda said...

Awwww What an adorable post. Almost made me want to get some cats. Well....until I remembered how allergic I am. Shucks! ;o)

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

There is nothing better than getting under a quilt. Love your cat's names. My schnauzer has his own quilt and he loves to be under it.

Deb A said...

So funny! My cat waits for a quilt to be put on my lap before she 'settles in' for the night. After those noisy children are in bed and Mom's lap is all her's of course.
Enjoy your evening.

Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds absolutely perfect!
Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

Anonymous said...

How fun. Cats and quilts just go together the way dogs and quilts never can.

Sparky said...

glad to see how comfortable you are in your chair and was a great oscar night wasn't it?

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