Sunday, April 07, 2013

I'm working on the Slow Stitch Sunday habit

August blocksThese are the latest three of the hand-pieced blocks. These blocks are the August blocks from the 2010 Quilt-Along.

It's been a distracting week and not much quilting  happened at Sophie Junction.

Early last week I had a job interview that went really well–I'm hopeful, but could definitely use prayers and crossed fingers for luck.

The rest of the week was spent dealing with a leak from the upstairs bath into the dining area downstairs ... I'm sure there's a Murphy's Law about how leaks happen over beautiful antiques.  Fortunately I discovered it and moved the furniture out of the way before any real damage was done ... I wish I could say the same about the ceiling.  It's dry enough here that mold shouldn't be an issue and things should dry out quickly so that repairs (to the tile upstairs and the ceiling downstairs) can be made.

I'm determined that whatever else happens, I will make time on Sunday for some handwork until it becomes automatic and I've always got something to pick up and work on.  Kathy's Slow Stitch Sunday has been a great motivator.

For me, it's probably taking the time to prepare and make sure I have something to stitch that is the biggest challenge. This afternoon, I'm preparing templates and choosing/cutting fabrics for the next blocks.  I confess that I am not preparing much in advance, because I find that I often change my mind and am recutting pieces in a different fabric.  After making the first block, I decided to modify the pattern slightly.  Here's the original block (left) and the re-designed version (with the black & white section split and combined with yellow).

August #1 August #1 (version 2)

For me, ripping out stitches made by hand is just as tedious, but I really do prefer the modified block.

I'm also linking up with the Block Lotto Weekend Update.


scraphappy said...

I do like the addition of yellow to your block. Ripping out handwork is even worse than ripping out machine stitches because of the time that went into them. It is nice to have a finished design that you are happy with though.
Sorry to hear about the leak, glad that you caught it before more damage was done.

joe tulips said...

My fingers are crossed and I love these blocks. Your new version is way more exciting!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I love the revised version. Fingers crossed on the job issue! Congratulations on your win at SewBitterSweetDesigns!

CharlotteT said...

That second block is much better, the difference between blah and exciting!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your blocks (before and after) and fantastic, and your piecing is perfect...great job!
And speaking of "job"...sending best wishes to get the job you are hoping for. I am sending off an application myself tomorrow and hope we all end the month with good news!

audrey said...

Your modified block is gorgeous! I can definitely see why you wanted to change it up. Good luck with the new job.:)

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