Saturday, April 27, 2013

Look what Pat Made

Bloom where you are plantedRemember my separated-at-birth quilt, Bloom?  

I completed it in January and, as part of a blog hop, created a giveaway of small Lemoyne star-style Little Daisy blocks and some coordinating fabrics for two?


Pat was one of the winners and yesterday, as part of a pom-pom-themed blog hop, posted photos of what she did with her winnings.  Her scarf-style chatelaine is so fabulous, I just had to share.  I especially love the hand stitching around the little star block. 

Visit Pat's blog, Life in the Scrapatch, to see more photos and details about how she made it and sign up for her giveaway which includes some of my fabric squares, left over from her project, plus more coordinating fabrics from her stash. I wonder if her winner will continue the tradition?

If you like scrappy goodness like Pat and I apparently do, check it out and sign up for the giveaway.  She also has a tutorial for an ice cream cone-shaped pincushion (on the following post) that's pretty adorable. 

And if you want to make your own little Lemoyne star variation for a sewers scarf of your own, you can find the templates for the Little Daisy block on my Freebies page

I am sharing this post as my weekend update on the Block Lotto because I think it's far more interesting  than my plan to layer and baste my scrappy geese quilt after I return from the farmers' market or finish up directions for the May Block Lotto which I can't share until May 1.


Scrapatches said...

Thanks, again, Sophie, for this wonderful giveaway. I really loved your block and now I can enjoy it every time I sew. Thanks, also for linking to my blog. I do enjoy sending out these little blog hop giveaways from my stash to "pay forward" the lovely quilty giveaways I have received ... :)Pat

Anonymous said...

Now that is just fun! If I win, I'll continue the tradition. =)

Mego said...

Just to let you know, I used your 'bird block' to make my Flags for Boston'. They turned out so CUTE! THANKS for the pattern. They were just the right size!

sheila 77 said...

I like this design, "Bloom" very much. You have quite an intriguing quilt style which is different.

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