Friday, November 15, 2013

I NEED a Friday Night Sew-In

I know I probably seemed ungrateful to some in my post about those birthday fireworks.  I have politely left out some of the facts and tried to put a happy face on events.  Plus, I guess I have come to prefer the French tradition where if you're the person with the birthday, anniversary or other reason to celebrate, you throw the party ... if you want one.

Inn at AbiquiuMy uninvited visitor continued to push and insist and push some more that we go to Abiquiu.  I thought he meant the tour of Georgia O'Keefe's home there, since we had talked about it at my birthday dinner–and we did come dangerously close ... but his only goal was to eat a meal at a restaurant where he had once travelled with a friend, and found closed when they arrived.  The cafe was located at the Abiquiu Inn, which also contains the tour office for the Georgia O'Keefe house/museum.

I should have kept my mouth shut as he hopped back into the car after our lunch, but instead, feeling some disappointment at the bait-and-switch tactics of my visitor, suggested we might wander around the area that inspired O'Keefe ... since I still believed that was the point of the trip. He took my suggestion as a cue to drive, drive, drive some more ... first to the historic hot springs in Ojo Caliente–where we might have enjoyed a soak, but didn't, because we had to race to go to Taos.  The road winds through the Rio Grande basin–I wanted to take photos, but only when a pair of big horn sheep blocked our path, did he slow down.

Big Horn Sheep in Rio Grand Basin

The sunset was spectacular, but it took a traffic light in Taos before the vehicle stopped and I was able to capture the last of it.

Taos Sunset

Maybe it's a Mars-Venus thing?  He joked a little too much about having me captive ... and it felt a little too much exactly that to me.

Our afternoon together ended at 10 PM when I finally got home ... because my pushy acquaintance wouldn't take me home until I had dinner with him–an Indian meal that didn't sit well.  I woke up violently ill after 3 hours at 1AM and was miserable all day yesterday. 

Handmade by HeidiI'm so happy my visitor has moved onto his next victim surprised hostess and that I finally feel well enough to eat ... the Friday Night Sew-in couldn't come at a better time for me.  

A week ago, on the Block Lotto site, I shared this simple sketch of an idea for for a quick project that would work with any of this year's lotto blocks in a simple medallion.  

Follow the link for measurements, if you're interested. 

Using 6 by 9-inch blocks and 9 and 12 inch squares (finished sizes), the result is a 30 inch square. 

My plan for FNSI tonight is make some of this month's Banded basket blocks and pieced square blocks and arrange them like this for a holiday table topper.


Terri said...

Men can be sooooo obtuse! My hubby wouldn't stop to see anything on the way from WI to CA. I was mad as a wet hen! (As a result we spent a very awkward week at my SIL's. Less expensive, to be sure, but one of the worst stays with them - ever.)
"This, too, shall pass" - one of my favorite comforts. (Diapers for 3 over 5 years - helped me realize this quotes power.)

Julierose said...

What is it about DH's? they just want to drive w/o stopping...yikes! No side trips, no asking directions...oh well, they have other attributes (lol) Hugs, Julierose

Renee said...

That sounds awful! I'm sorry you were pushed into it and had so little say in "your" celebration. I hate when people (mostly my MIL) pushes me into doing something for my birthday. Look, if I wanted to celebrate it with you, I'd let you know, okay? Blehk! Hope you have a restful, relaxing weekend with (or without) pleasant people!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

So sorry your birthday was not more enjoyable. I know it can be disappointing to want special day and get something else.

If you would have come to Louisiana to celebrate, we could have sewn all day long!

You probably drove far enough!

Toni Macomb said...

Some of the Asian cultures also have the same concept as the French. It's your birthday, you celebrate your way. Where I worked the birthday person often brought food and treats for their friends and co-workers. I'm with you. I much prefer that tradition!

Gail in Vegas said...

Wow-sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant experience AND got sick in the middle of the night from it.
Next time you see his name on your phone, in your email, or at your front door - don't answer, no matter how bad you might feel about it at that moment in time.

joe tulips said...

Well, I am thankful your visit is over!! I don't mind road trips...BUT...I need stops, for picture taking, geocaches,or what ever! Did your captor get sick too? I would never be able to eat there again. I still can't eat pumpkin pie after getting sick 40 years ago!

Anonymous said...

What a tale - sounds like the edge of nightmare to me, but I'm glad you did get a couple of astonishing pictures out of the ordeal!

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