Friday, December 06, 2013


Friday MorningFor my friends in the Bay Area who are "freezing" ... just a little reminder of how everything is relative.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning ... mostly because I knew I had to go out and drag the trash and recycling bins to the curb and see how much snow and ice I'd have to deal with on the walks, on the car, on the driveway.

It's going to be an adventure.

But at least for the moment, the snow has stopped, the sky was clear, the sun is coming up bold and bright and I can see the the beautiful snow-covered mountains in the distance.

Clear Skies after the Storm

Schools and government in Santa Fe are operating on a 2 hour delay ... which means it could be a while before the snow plow comes to my little street.   Another good day to stay in the studio and quilt.


Elaine M said...

LOL, guess you are talking to me in the South Bay Area freezing at 27, high will be 56. Thin layer of ice on the car at 6:30am. Maybe I would be warmer if I could find my gloves that I need 4 weeks each year. Hope the ice/snow isn't too bad. Stay inside with hot chocolate!

sophie said...

I lived in the Bay Area for a dozen years or so and I know that it really does feel bone-chillingly cold when the temps drop into the 40's or lower. I don't think I've ever been colder than when waiting for the Vallejo Ferry in the rain in winter.

Terri said...

Did you know that Hot Chocolate has recuperative properties? Quilting, too. Stay warm!

Farm Quilter said...

Love your view!!! I hear ya on the cold - hubs was grilling outside last night and the temp was 8. The other morning I woke up to -2...those days (and those like today where the wind is whipping and the temp is in single digits) I really hate having horses - and needing to chop the ice on the trough to get them water and fight the wind to get hay in the feed bin. No snow here yet - kinda wish there was!!

Gail in Vegas said...

Hmm, yes, lovely. When is it summer again?!

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