Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Love Breakfast

BreakfastI have always loved breakfast, brunch and breakfast for dinner.

Over the years, though, my eating habits have changed.  I rarely eat "meat with feet" any more and almost a year ago, after reading some research, I (mostly) gave up gluten to see if it would have a positive impact on the pain in my arthritic knees.  (It did.)

So my ideas about breakfast have changed as well.  This is one of my current favorites: Polenta, Fried Eggs, Greens and Blistered Tomatoes.  The recipe is from the Williams Sonoma website and comes from one of their gluten-free cookbooks.

The last stepI usually make this for dinner, but still recovering from Thanksgiving feasting, I thought this super-healthy dish would hit the spot for breakfast this morning.  It did.

I deviated the recipe by adding a little chopped Portabello mushroom, using kale instead of swiss chard, baby heirlooms for the cherry tomatoes and only adding one egg.  The photo on the right was taken just after the egg was added to the greens to cook.

This month on the Block Lotto, I asked everyone to link a food-related post.  I'll be joining the Linky party (again) with this one.

Do you have a favorite recipe to share with us?


Terri said...

So going gluten free helped your arthritis? That is good news. I'm going to try it.
Thanks Sophie!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

That looks great! Do you massage your kale first? I did it last week for soup for the first time. It really made a difference.

I love that so many gluten free stuff is out now. I choose it when I can

Anonymous said...

Whew, for a minute I thought you were eating raw eggs! The cooked version looks good. =)

Andi said...

Unrelated to the blog post... I did not get the mailing information for block lotto. My email is andimc13 AT cox DOT net.


Bridget said...

I, too, have found that avoiding gluten has helped the arthritis in my shoulders and knees. I originally changed up the diet because of acid reflux, which is gone now. The pain free part was a pleasant surprise bonus.

Your recipe looks yum!

I ate some breakfast at the Tune-Up Cafe in your Santa Fe and decided to come up with something similar.


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