Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sunflower VolunteerSo far this week, record-breaking 90 dregrees and sun, two cold fronts and, now, frosty breezes. Autumn has truly arrived in the mitten state. Trees are quickly going from green to colorful to leafless . . . and I am already not looking forward to another Michigan winter.

Earlier this week, this volunteer sunflower–from my neighbor's bird feeder, I think–bloomed. I'm wondering now how long it will live.

To focus on the NOW, this afternoon, I pulled out some well-aged miniature Maple Leaf blocks (from an exchange in 2001) and started work on this little reminder of the beauty of the season.

Mini-Maple Leaves - Border Audition

I'm auditioning the border fabric--a sentimental piece, one of the first quilting fabrics I purchased and probably the oldest thing in my stash--what do you think?

I've been more than a little envious of the doll quilt swappers in the 4-seasons swap and of Ginger's swappeers on the forum on This little beauty may tide me over until the next round of doll quilting swapping. Now . . . to decide on borders and get it quilted ;-)


ginger said...

Sophie, those blocks are wonderful... I am not keen on that border. I could possibly be talked into it if I saw a thin strip of dark brown in between the blocks and the border. I think it might be a little busy??? Pondering that one. I might prefer a green border? A dark TOT?

Well, I always love auditionging fabrics. Hopefuly this wasn't too much of my 2cents! :-)

sophie said...

GMTA ;-) I decided on a 3/4-inch cream border to float the leaf blocks, then a 1/4-inch dark red tone-on-tone border, then the wide gold border.

mamaspark said...

I Love the leaves. I havealways wanted to make one of those quilts.

blackbearcabin said...

ill be excited to see this when its done...very pretty indeed! i was laughing at your comment about the doll quilt swap, as i too am envious and wish i was participating, but i have decided to do one with my HST's left over from the Christmas Star Swap...perhaps that will tide me over till the next one :)
have fun..and dont forget to show us when its done :)

Supermom said...

Love the leaf pieced blocks. I might go for a simpler pattern on the border, perhaps in a cranberry or deep red.

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