Saturday, October 13, 2007

Another Maple Leaf Quilt

Last month, at the museum sale, someone asked if I would take a photo of "the African American Quilts" for her. This Maple Leaf quilt by Rosie Wilkins was one.

Rosie Wilkins Maple Leaf Quilt

When we were packing up, I asked one of the staff what made this an African American quilt. Besides having known the quilter, she pointed to the use of fabrics, the way the blocks are set together and the irregular quilting design.

I was thinking about this quilt when I was struggling with those 3-inch swap blocks. Made by many quilters, using several patterns, there was a lot of variation in size in my 48 swap blocks. I realized that it would never occur to me to put them together in a freer style like this quilt, where no effort was made to line things up.

Speaking of my quilt, thanks for all the suggestions and feedback on my little quilt. I'm hoping to have it finished and hanging in my office on Monday.

If you're curious, here's the other Rosie Wilkins quilt that was for sale, labeled Rolling Star.

Rosie Wilkens Rolling Star Quilt

Yes, I wish I'd opened them up and taken photos of the whole quilt, but Carolyn–who wanted the photos–was more interested in detail shots of the blocks (which you can see here, here and here.)


Ada said...

I like Maple Leaf quilt too.Last year,a friend of mine on gave me a Maple Leaf quilt as my birthday gift,i enjoy it so much

The Calico Cat said...

So interesting... I used to ask what made a quilt _______. Some "people" have a definate look - Amish, but the rest of us... Not so much. So i have come to the conclusion that the quilts I make are "Jewish quilts" because I am Jewish (& I usually incorporate Judaic prints/designs). I have an African American friend who makes all kinds of quilts (not unlike me) especially Asian themed ones, they are African American quilts because she made them. Just my POV.

Swedish Scrapper said...

I love Rosie's palette!!!! It reminds of of pics I snapped of Korean textiles while I was in Seoul, but I don't konw if I picked up on a certain palette, of if I personally was drawn to them.....

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