Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day - Creative Re-users

I've become a fan of the blogs of the re-fashionistas and trashinistas. Check out the work of the talented members of Wardrobe Refashion and designers like Outi Piyy–I loved her Zipper Collar Trashion Gala Dress.

The My Recycled Bags site has free patterns and more ideas for creative re-use and recycling.

While the disposable/fast fashion industry continues to expand (see Is disposable fashion killing the planet?) these creative women are refashioning thrifted garments and creating fashion from trash . . . and walking a little more gently on the planet.

They inspire me to re-use more and consume less.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Interesting site! I think we're seeing a trend back towards garment sewing--do you?! I'm interested to see how your blog evolves. Mine has been completely defunct as of late. DH and I bought a Bernina dealership so life was on hold during that big transition into business ownership for a while.

Shelina said...

I've been trying to use less as well. I was originally thinking I should donate used clothes to a charity, and buy fabric, but lately I have been using the fabric from the clothes myself. Saves me money, and makes sure that the clothes actually get used, especially the ones with worn places.

Rian said...

Hey Sophie, I've been trying to respond to your email but somehow it got sent to my old email address and I can't reply from there. I wanted to say how much I was looking forward to meeting you in Houston.


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