Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching up on Birthdays

. . . and Birthday Swap Blocks.

First, I owe a long overdue thank you for the last four blocks I received, from Lucey (Jeanne), Becca, Faye and Peggy. My set of nine is now complete and only alternate blocks and consideration of settings and borders stands between me and a beautiful traditional quilt.

Bear Paw from Lucey (Jeanne) Bear Paw from Becca
Bear Paw from Faye Bear Paw from Peggy

This week I have been playing catch-up on the blocks I owe some of the other birthday girls. Here's the block I made for Becca and an extra I made to make up for one of the swappers who went missing in our group. She asked for stars in chocolate-covered cherry colors--I know the star in the Stepping Stones block is subtle, but after making my Baby Steps doll quilt, that block really charmed me.

Stepping Stones Block for Becca Union Squares Star for Becca

I signed up to make two more make up blocks for group 3. Another one for Becca--this one a star in Halloween and coordinating brights on a black-on-black background and another bright star floated on black for Bonnie (which I mailed along with the Baby Steps doll quilt--see how everything is connected ;-)

Halloween Star for Becca Laced Star for Bonnie

My last catch-up effort was a house block for Jeanne (Lucey). I confess to a serious What was I thinking? moment after I printed the foundations for the Farmhouse PFP pattern and cut the units apart. It's been a while since I did any paper pieced blocks made from moer than a few units. Ultimately, I think it was worth the slightly head-spinning, crazy making effort. Here's a look at before and after.

What was I thinking? House for Lucey

I actually even have a block ready for Kate--the last birthday girl in my group, though I am also second-guessing myself for the umpteenth time in this swap . . . it has been a fun year of making friends and interesting blocks. I can't wait to see the quilts that come from the swap.


Candace said...

I really like all the blocks. I wouldn't have thought that I would like the chocolate covered cherry idea as much as I do, and I always like house blocks. The bright star floated on black looks almost too intricate to be possible. Great job on all of them, and the ones for you are very pretty,too.

katelnorth said...

The farmhouse block is great - worth the effort, I think.

Can't wait to see your setting for the bear paws.

ginger said...

You have been working hard! The blocks you are getting for your bear paw quilt are looking so nice together, and the farmhouse block you made is stellar!

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