Saturday, May 03, 2008

What's a Swapaholic to Do?

When I found out that Sharyn Craig was teaching a day-long workshop The Joy of Sets a few hours away and that there was still space available, it seemed like the perfect way for this swapaholic to spend the day. So I packed up some well aged swap blocks and watched Sharyn work her magic with them.

I loved the idea of using my chicken blocks as a border.

Spending the day with Sharyn sparked so many setting ideas, color ideas, border ideas . . . it was well worth the trip. Everyone else's blocks sparked more ideas--for quilts, color-ways, future swaps. Spark, spark, spark. The day was electric.


Zegi said...

Hurray for electricity!! :)

mamaspark said...

I just love all those chickens!

Sheri said...

Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there.
I was in on that chicken swap. I should dig mine out and do something with them.

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