Sunday, May 25, 2008

A New Family in the Neighborhood

A new family has moved into the neighborhood, with the most adorable kids.

New Family on the Pond

Whenever they stop by to munch on the treats under my next door neighbor's bird feeder (or help themselves–the adults, not the kids–to the herbs in the planters on my patio), both watchful parents are always in attendance, hissing at anyone or anything that comes near.

Mom and Dad are always both in attendance

Baby Goose The little ones are the littlest ones on the pond--they seem unbelievably soft and fluffy. This photo just doesn't do them justice.

And they are irresistable. Everyone comes by to see them (and the duckies and other goslings, too), with cell phones and other cameras in hand. And they bring TREATS. It's a regular Memorial weekend party around the pond.

Neighbors come by with welcome gifts


Christine Thresh said...

I've pictured you living in a crowded city, and here we see a beautiful pond right by your patio. I'll have to revise my mental picture.

Catherine said...

How wonderful! It is so much fun to watch baby ducks and geese!

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