Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Rectangle for My Table

I've been a little focused on rectangular proportions lately . . . as evidenced by my 3-patch rectangle block, created for the block lotto.  I realized when I was making my blocks that you could take 9 blocks, mix them up in a random-looking lay out that measures 18 x 27 inches, maintaining those same golden-inspired proportions as the block. I'm calling it a super-rectangle.

MaryJane's 3-patch #19Kate's 3-patch #2
LPB's 3-patch #1Sophie's 3-patch #16LPB's 3-patch #4
Kate's 3-patch #8MaryJane's 3-patch #17
I thought this size would be a nice size for a table topper for my small drop-leaf table.  Then I started thinking about multiples.  If you made FOUR super rectangles like this and sewed them together as a 4-patch, the result would be 36 x 54 inches or a crib size quilt.  If you made a NINE-patch of super rectangles, the result would be 54 x 81 inches or a twin size quilt.  I liked the idea of starting with rectangle block with nice proportions and making a quilt that shares those same proportions.

After Michelle posted on the Block Lotto blog about making a 42 x 54 inch quilt top using 42 3-patch rectangle block, made from 4 fabrics in 3 hours and 15 minutes, from cutting to done . . . I decided to sew a completely scrappy version of the golden rectangle for my table and time myself along the way.

27 FabricsTo make nine 3-patch blocks without using any fabric twice, I'd need 27 fabrics. I used my everyday dishes as my color inspiration choosing tone-on-tone fabrics from the fruits and the blue on the handles and rims.  (There are also pears on some of the pieces.  I really enjoyed the process of really looking at the mugs and seeing the many colors in each fruit (and leaf) and tried to represent them with fabrics from my scraps.

Time to select 27 fabrics from scraps: 20 minutes

Time to randomly cut the large and small rectangles from the fabrics: 25 minutes

Ready to Sew

One could lay out all the blocks before beginning to sew, but I didn't ;-)

Time to sew randomly selected rectangles into nine 3 patch blocks: 25 minutes (including the time to rip out and re-sew one of the blocks–something that I thought was a batik actually wasn't ... and I sewed it wrong side up)

Next came the biggest chunk of time . . .  where I arranged and re-arranged those blocks until I was happy enough with the arrangement to sew them together:  30 minutes.

Arrangement 1 Arrangement 2
Arrangement 3   Arrangement 4 
(if you like one of these better than my actual super rectangle, don't tell me ;-)

Another quilter might have worked out the color placement in advance with colored pencils or a computer program . . .  but, personally, I like moving around actual pieces of fabric. 

Time to sew the 9 blocks into a rectangle for my table, press it and be ready to layer and quilt: 10 minutes

Total elapsed time: just under 2 hours.

As soon as I decide on thread color(s), my plan is to quilt it with 27 of Leah's FMQ filler designs, one in each rectangle.  It will be good practice for me and interesting texture on my table.

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Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

great combination of colours sopie ;-)
thanks for your comment on my blog

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