Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Zipper Experiment

FMQ detailI finished the quilting on the front of the 3 Baskets pillow and ... found the courage to unzip the quilted back and slice through the batting and backing. I trimmed the batting, folded in the raw edge of the backing and stitched it to the zipper tape.

In the detail photo, you can see 3 of Leah Day's designs from her free motion quilting project: loose weave (on the basket), sea oats (in green, masquerading as vines for the yet-to-be-added yo-yo "flowers," and bed of roses in the background.

I probably could have finished the back of the zipper application more neatly/evenly, but it works . . . and I rationalized that no one except me (and now, you) will ever see the inside of the pillow and my wavy edge.

The zipper test

After this photo was taken, I added more filler-quilting to continue the quilting to the zipper.

I had a little brainstorm today about a project that won't need too many yellow scraps for the Rainbow Challenge, so I'm anxious to finish up this pillow and move on.


Barbara C said...

Your quilting is really nice, and the quilted greenery in your baskets is a great idea. This is a clever way to show off your blocks

Debra Spincic said...

Looks super from where I am standing!

sophie said...

This little project idea has taken on a mind of it's own. My initial intention was to make a quilty cover for a funky little lumbar pillow that I purchased at a truck stop when driving that uHaul truck from Michigan to Texas. I held onto it for a while for sentimental reasons, then the cats have adopted it as their own--dainty Grace curls up on top of it, hunky Johnny wraps himself around it like a kitty sized body pillow.

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