Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chick Flicks and Winter Walks

This is my week 2 check-in for Walking in This World. As Linda explained so well last week, Walking in this World is a 12 week (one chapter per week) workshop sort of book designed, so it says, to jump-start your creative impulse if it is stalled, or let it flow more smoothly if not.

Morning pages: 6 of 7 days

Artist date
: I don't think I've been to a movie in more than a year–on some level I think I've been fearful of falling asleep, and movies are one of the many things that had been dropped from my life. I treated myself to one.

I thought the writing could have been stronger, but, as a fan of both Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah and someone who is easily amused, I enjoyed this light-hearted chick flick.

City ParkWalk: My one walk this week was a city walk to the library and around the small park across the street. It was 30 degrees and sunny. The temperatures have since dropped into the teens with some serious wind chill numbers and the forecast is that they will stick there for a while . . . I have a feeling I'll be walking in the mall or around the indoor track at the gym next week.

The rest: As someone who has taken many paths in life and is often drawn in many directions–artistically, professionally and personally–being reminded this week that an artist's path is NOT LINEAR was quite comforting to me.

When I talk about my health, I almost always say that I want my life back. The exercises this week reminded me of some of the things that used to be part of my life before I became more and more tired and those things fell away. I am ready for some bigger than (my current) life expansion.

I experienced some synchronicity this week when I went back to the gym to talk about getting back into the exercise habit and ended up talking with a personal trainer there who works with clients facing similar medical challenges to mine.


Pat/SWquilter said...

Sounds like you had a good week, Sophie - I can't commit to doing this myself without feeling completely overwhelmed right now, but plan to continue to follow all of you on your journey with it. When I was experiencing the worst lack of sleep from menopause, I frequently fell asleep in movies, concerts - and sometimes nearly at stoplights! So I know what you're experiencing. Hope the personal trainer is able to help - exercise should help with the sleep issue, yes?


lj_cox said...

Yay! The personal trainer sounds like just the ticket. And steps to reclaiming your life -- priceless! In a deeper-than-credit-card-
commercial sense.

Debbie Z. Lattuga said...

The photo you took is terrific. Since we've moved to Fla., winter scenes are even more striking for me. I like the randomness of the tree branches against the linear building and the contrast between the white snow and black trees. Inspiration hits again.

Marianne said...

I see some simularities, I also noticed that I have stopped doing things like going to the movie and went 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it (also a chick movie: ps. I love you). I must take some action towards my health as weel. Allthough my shoulder/ neck problem isn't as debilitating as your problem, it takes a lot of energie and it restricts me in what I want to do most (quilting, sleeping/working with computer). Since nothing has worlked so far I was a bit reluctant to start again, but I think I'll do something about it this week. Hopefully your visit to the gym will proove worth while

Denisehyeong said...

Sophie, I love those syncronistic (is that even a word?) events that happen when we open ourselves up to the possibilites. Maybe that should be my unconscious (tee hee) task this week. Denise

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