Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Walk Before the Storm

Yesterday, my patio was a snow drift and the pond beyond was solidly frozen and hidden under more snow.

This morning, I woke up, looked out and was shocked to see grass, the patio, the pond and very little snow. The day was dark and gray, but surprisingly warm (above freezing). I knew if I wanted a walk outside this week, today was the day.

Gray skies, gray landscape

I intended to go to the park, but decided it would be even darker among the trees and took a walk through the neighborhood instead. It felt so good to be comfortably outside. As I neared home, the wind picked up and it started to rain. I knew the storm was on the way.

The high today was 44F. The forecast high for tomorrow is 15F. And tonight:

...Winter Weather Advisory Remains In Effect From 7 PM This Evening To 12 PM EST Wednesday...

One To Three Inches Of Snow And Plummeting Temperatures Tonight Will Make Roads Very Slippery. Blowing Snow Could Result In Near Zero Visibility At Times As Winds Gust Over 40 Mph. Expect Hazardous Travel Conditions Tonight Through Wednesday Morning. Scattered Power Outages Are Also Possible Tonight And Wednesday Due To The High Winds.
I'm glad I made the time to walk today, in the gray before the storm.


Rian said...

That is a beautiful photograph. Stunning. You are quite talented with a camera.

Sheri said...

Very nice photo.

sophie said...

Thanks for the compliment. I think all the credit goes to Mother Nature for this one. I'm so glad I went out that day. After a few bitterly cold and very windy days, we're now being covered in snow.

Kate North said...

great tree photo - it would look really interesting translated to fabric

TX Blu Sky said...

I just love looking at the world through your lens! Thanks for posting your pictures. Your photos always evoke feelings, you have a way of catching the drama of the moment. In this case, the solitude of the moment! If I can't get some of my own, I can feel it for a moment in your tree photo. Happy Friday! Diane

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