Sunday, January 06, 2008

One More Time with Feeling

Six months later, new place, twice as long, but still very familiar.

Sleep Study Redux

Since the CPAP machine wasn't helping (and actually was making things much worse for me), once again I was wired up and sleeping with an audience. This time with a different machine (BiPAP) and the added bonus of a 12 hour "nap test" the next day–still fully wired . . . and still in my pajamas. The daytime test looks for things like narcolepsy and other reasons that I may be so unexplicably exhausted all day long. Ever the optimist, along with a quilt and my pillow, I brought lots of things to keep me entertained between the six scheduled naps: yarn and needles for a pair of socks, a couple books, a magazine, a needle-felting kit and . . . my laptop. By the end of the day, I had read a few chapters, cleaned up some files and knit the one inch cuff on the first sock.

What was I thinking? Just like at home these days, I couldn't really manage to focus on anything for very long and accomplished very little.

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