Saturday, January 26, 2008


Week three of Walking in This World found me feeling stuck and frustrated (and perhaps a little squashed.)

Morning Pages: 7 of 7 days.

Artist Date: I went to the produce store, planning to bring home the unusual or new-to-me and cook something new and interesting.


Along with the usual, I brought home mangos, ripe, ready to eat peaches (a luxury in January) and something called Opal Squash. When I got it home, I found that I didn't have any information or recipes for opal squash, nor could I find any online, so when it came to cooking it, I was on own. It blended nicely with some spinach and roasted tomatoes, garlic, cumin and jalapeno pepper . . . with a glass of chardonnay, it was quite nice.

Walk: I didn't. The weather was especially cold and snowy and as much as I liked the idea of the task (since my morning pages had become quite negative), I didn't think I could accomplish it inside.

The rest: I didn't make the collage either. Mostly because of my health issues, I spent the week feeling very frustrated and squashed by the experience of dealing with the medical community and insurance companies. Despite all that, I did get some valuable perspective that will help me move forward from this stuck spot. Stay tuned . . .


lj_cox said...

What a wonderful idea for an artist's date! Yum! And the photo is delicious too

TX Blu Sky said...

That's a very nice lookiing produce store you shop at! I picked up something new yesterday too, rapini. It looks like undergrown broccoli, you cook it like spinach with the leaves, stalks and all. A splash of olive oil really made the dish!

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