Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doll Quilts

Yesterday was the mailing deadline for Doll Quilt Swap II on the forum on quilting.about.com. My quilt is on it's way. I named it Baby Steps, a reference to it's size and the traditional block on which it was based. Here's a detail showing the quilting and batik fabrics I used . . . the last hint before revealing the quilt. The small squares measure 1/2 inch.


I haven't yet received my quilt from the swap, but a doll quilt from another of the swappers did land in my mailbox.

Party Baskets

I think Peni was one of the first to finish and mail her quilt. Afterward, she shared an in-progress effort of an earlier, abandoned idea. I offered to give her teeny weeny basket blocks a new home and use them in a different design. Peni was inspired to re-hab them herself and this was the result. Isn't it incredible? The feather wreaths in the alternate blocks are 2-1/4 inches across.

Detail from Party Baskets

Peni said that "these little guys said they wanted to g live with you because you believed in them all along. You knoew they could become more than a failed project." She hoped they would bring a smile to my face when I looked at them. How could they not? I love these happy little Party Baskets.


Christine Thresh said...

The little baskets quilt is just dear. I am so glad it was completed.

TX Blu Sky said...

They are darling, and I do like that border fabric, too. The quilting is the real zinger. Great work, and a pretty piece. Diane

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