Friday, March 14, 2008


It is beginning to feel like Spring around here, even though there are no buds and flowers like these, from Mrs. Mel's blog, Fibermania, . . .

. . . nor wildflowers, like these from Rian's Pages . . .

In fact, when I drove to a nearby park, curious to see if a walk was possible, it really didn't LOOK like Spring at all.

The PathBut the main path was clear, if sometimes wet or icy and even if it didn't look like it, it sounded like Spring–the songs of birds filled the air–so, I walked.

It was a short one, only about a mile and a half--the unpaved paths turned out to be too muddy/snowy/icy for me and I turned back. I nearly had the place to myself: just me and the birds, the river, blue skies and sunshine.

More snow is in the forecast for next week, but today, it seemed that Spring ihad arrived, even if I was all bundled up and walking among bare trees, snow and ice.

The Path along the River

The Park

Closer to home, a pair of geese stopped by to check on the state of the still-frozen pond.

Geese and the Frozen Pond


Kate North said...

Lovely walk through the park, even with all the snow. Or maybe it's because of it? We had a grey looking day today, but surprisingly warm, so I think spring is about to happen here too...

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures!

I've tagged you.
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Zegi said...

we got five inches of snow last night...I sure wish Spring would arrive here in Ohio!

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