Saturday, March 01, 2008

Walking in This World, the Meme

This is my check-in for week 7 of Walking in the World.

I thought the Geography task looked a lot like the memes that bounce around blogland and the questions are interesting to consider (and share). Whether you are reading and working the book or not, you might consider your answers to these questions. Here are mine.

1. What culture other than your own speaks to you? Navajo
2. What age other than the one we’re in resonates with your sensibilities? Arts & Crafts period
3. What foreign cuisine feels like home on your palate? French
4. What exotic smells give you a sense of expansion and wellbeing? Indian curry and spices
5. What spiritual tradition intrigues you? Buddhism
6. What music from another culture plucks your heartstrings? Navajo flute
7. In another age, what physical age do you see yourself being? 30
8. In another culture and time, what is your sex? Female
9. Do you enjoy period movies or movies, period? Yes ;-)
10. If you were to write a film, what age and time, what place and predicament, would you choose to explore? The present, the reality of what our tax dollars at work looks like.

Walking Across CampusMorning Pages:
every day

Walk: between snowstorms, I parked off campus and walked to the MSU Museum. The trip there was quite pretty; but when I left about an hour later, the sky had turned gray, it was snowing and the wind was blowing . . . I pulled up the hood on my coat and was pulling it close around my face. I thought about how, when I was an undergraduate there, we referred to walks across the open areas on campus as trips across the tundra.

Entrance to Quilts & Human Rights ExhibitArtist Date: I went to see the quilts in the Quilts & Human Rights exhibit at the MSU museum. The exhibit explores the role that quiltmakers have played in raising awareness of human rights issues around the world and the power of textiles to communicate important ideas and information. The quilts were inspiring and provocative, made to document and express transgressions of human rights, to educate others about human rights issues, and to pay tribute to leaders of human rights movements.

I will share more photos later, but here is a detail photo from 9/11, made by an unidentified artist or artists in South Africa in 2002.

Detail from 9/11

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TX Blu Sky said...

Looking at the world through your camera lens is never disappointing. (Even though it's snow, and I don't like the stuff, it's beautiful!) I sat out in the grass with Miss Daisy today, listening to her happy breath as she sniffed and vigorously ate every weed she could find. Diane

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