Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In Progress

My sewing space still looks a little like Santa's workshop.

Christmas Pinwheel Stars

Altering some of my Christmas swap blocks has become a slippery slope . . . and now, all except 8 of the original blocks that I made or received have become Dewey's Victory blocks like these. A couple of these have new centers pinned on, being auditioned.

Another of my blocks from Kate's Birthday blocks swap arrived today, from Christine.

Bear Paw from Christine

The only progress I've made on the alternate appliqué blocks is photocopying the pattern.

The block lotto this month has made great progress; more than 100 blocks have been entered already this month. Here are mine.

Shoofly #1 Shoofly #2 Shoofly #3 Shoofly #4
Shoofly #5 Shoofly #6 Shoofly #7 Shoofly #8


Sheri said...

Those blocks do look very Christmas-y. Lovely though.

Jo Raines said...

Love your Christmas quilt--so beautiful. You're getting a jump on things this year. I had intended to do the same but life intervenes and I am easily distracted . . . Wow, wish I had gotten in on the Block Lotto--what fun and I love your blocks for that as well.

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