Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Architectural Details

Sometimes I notice the architectural details . . . and figure out what interesting building they are attached to later.

These fat, happy cherubs sit above a pair of French doors opening out onto a balcony of a fabulous building a couple blocks from my apartment.

Architectural Detail from the Adolphus Hotel

At much higher levels, the building are guarded by these guys.

Architectural Detail from the Adolphus Hotel

I didn't know when I took the photos that this is the fabulous Adolphus Hotel.

The Adophus Hotel

When I checked out their web site–warning: there's tasteful piano music if you follow my link to their site–I immediately thought how much fun it would be to gather a few friends for a day of quilting at my loft with a break for their afternoon English tea . . . I suppose we'd have to be sure to remove any and all stray threads before we walked over for our very civilized tea break.

Last week, when I was walking around the west end, I noticed this deconstructed architectural detail on the back of a building I passed on my way back from lunch at the Cadillac Bar & Grill.

Deconstructed Architecture

I have no idea what building this is . . . maybe some Dallas-knowledgeable person will leave a comment and clue me in, but I applaud the architect/designer/artist who thought to make this design decision. It made me smile as I walked past and I'm sure countless others do, too.

Yesterday I picked up a fun book of Dallas Landmarks which has photos taken from vintage postcards. As I am beginning to learn and known some of the current Dallas landmarks, it's fun to look at these.

(My building is even in there ;-)

I realized when I encountered the log cabin in Founder's Square last week that I know nothing of early Dallas history. Who says I can't start my education with the Architectural details and artifacts left behind?


Suze said...

High Tea and quilting...sounds like a perfect day! I clicked on the menu...it looks scrumptious...

sophie said...

If you're ever passing through Dallas, be sure let me know and well plan a quilter's tea ;-)

Christine Thresh said...

You are more observant than I am. I often miss the trees while looking at a forest.

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