Friday, March 06, 2009

Hats, Quilting and the Job Hunt

Milliners Supply CoEach time I pass this empty store front, with it's sign still up, Milliners Supply Co, I think about making hats again . . . and wearing them.

The sun shines so often here–I don't think you can really appreciate just how wonderful that is unless you've lived in someplace like Lansing, Michigan for a few years, which gets less sunshine than most of the country . . . but I am really appreciating it and thinking about making and wearing hats again.

A straw "tiara" In fact, recently, I even pulled out this sort-of-hat and wore it.

It doesn't have a lid (top) or a brim. I made it in my hotel room at the Houston quilt show from some straw I had dyed and some hand-dyed perl cotton I bought from Frieda Anderson on the show floor . . . as my entry in the Quilt Art group's Tiara Parade that year.

It's currently being worn by the goddess Hera.

My friend, Cyndee, asked in the comments about quilting and job-hunting. I've been carrying around muslin and making cathedral window squares–not very photogenic yet–on the quilting front, though I have a quilty project in mind that may be interesting or may fall flat . . . if you never about it again, you'll know which way it went ;-)

The job-hunting process continues . . . and I continue to find so many of the people I meet so generous and helpful. I will not be surprised when a random person I have met turns out to be the one who knows someone who hires me. Just about everyone I meet asks me to send them my resume so they can send it on to someone they know. But blogging about the job hunt isn't so fun and interesting. Photos of people squashed together elbow to elbow at job fairs with worried expressions on their faces or impatiently standing in line waiting to get into the ballroom where the employers are just isn't that entertaining, you know? So when I'm not blogging . . . that could be why . . .

Job Fair in Plano, Texas

Job Fair in Plano, Texas Job Fair in Plano, Texas

Part of the challenge for the job hunt for me is that in my career I have worn many "hats," used my skills to fill whatever role was needed–which is a great thing once you are in a job, but sometimes a tricky thing when a recruiter or HR screener is trying to figure out which box to put you in. (I don't fit easily into a box).


Cyndee said...

I am so glad you are blogging again. Best wishes in your job hunt..times are tough but you are a go getter and you will find something soon. Stay positive. By the way, Spring has arrived very early in Lansing, we have had rain the past two days but we did have lots of warm weather and sunshine last week. We are hoping for more sun this week. They say global warming has an effect on the climate not the weather, but as long as winter is shorter, we won't complain.

sophie said...

The first days of Spring in Michigan are glorious . . . enjoy!

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