Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dallas Quilt Celebration

Necessary first stop for me at the Quilt ShowMy trip to the Dallas Quilt show yesterday didn't get off to a great start . . . I burned the lunch I was making for myself and had to abandon the idea, then left the commuter mug with my latté to go on the kitchen counter. I encountered a jack-knifed tractor trailer just as I was getting on the highway, which slowed me down, then heard from the friend I was meeting who was slowed by the rain and traffic even more. So my first stop at the show was the espresso stand in the food concession area.

While I sipped, I chatted with some of the groups set up in the food area and picked up a list of Dallas yarn shops and info from the Knitters Guild.

But let's face it, once you're there, no day at a Qult Show can be a bad day ;-)

After my replacement latté, I found the Dallas Quilt Guild booth and got the scoop on when to show up at the next guild meeting.

Dallas Quilt Guild Booth

I'll never forget being yelled at by the Lansing Guild president for showing up to early at my first meeting there . . . the Church where we met had rules, but how was a first timer supposed to know? I wouldn't want to make that mistake again ;-)

I took a lot of photos before I ran out of battery–my spare battery has gone missing since my trip to AZ, but they need some editing. The venue is nice enough, but the lighting, both the natural light and the fluorescents present some challenges, because so many of the quilts end up being backlit and washed out. Here are a couple uncropped photos . . . see what I mean?

This is Basket Weave by Betsy Gust of Plano Texas. It won an Honorable Mention.

Basket Weave

And this is a group quilt by the Cotton Group of Dallas called Undersea Fantasy. The colors are much more vibrant, as you can see in the detail photo.

Undersea Fantasy

Detail from Undersea Fantasy

The lighting just made my pretty good camera go nuts. It (and I) usually do much better. I'm not sure how much I can clean up quickly in editing, but I will probably try because I'd like to share some of the great quilts I saw yesterday.

In the meantime, I can't wait to share this one: the really wonderful, whimsical Best of Show winner, A Quark's Tale, by Kelly Monroe of Arlington, Texas.

A Quark's Tale

The details on this quilt were delightful

Detail from A Quark's Tale

Detail from A Quark's Tale


Christine Thresh said...

A Quark's Tale is such fun and the details are really neat.
Thanks for taking the picture.

Christine Thresh said...

I gave you a "Sisterhood Award" on my blog today.

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