Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cold Rainy Days and Signs of Spring

Tuilip in the rainIt's been raining and cold–stuck in the 40's–for the past few days.

I went out to run errands downtown in leather blazer with light cotton layers underneath and an umbrella and was greeted by a neighbor walking her dachshunds in a poofy down parka. I did wish I'd remembered some gloves or wrist-warmers and maybe even a scarf, but it really wasn't that cold. But most of the locals were dressed like my neighbor, in full winter gear.

In fact, to me it felt a lot like Spring and, even though it has mostly been much warmer since I arrived in Texas, and I saw signs of spring everywhere.

Bright green new buds on trees in Thanksgiving Square

Signs of Spring in Thanksgiving Square

Tulips and some other flowers in a planter outside an office building; detail of an Azalea bloom (I think).

Spring Blooms Azalea bloom (I think)

Neiman Marcus Store Window on Ervay StreetIt definitely looks like Spring at Neiman Marcus. This dress in one of their windows caught my eye as I walked by because of the interesting technique used on the front bodice–it's a little hard to see because of the necklace the mannequin is also wearing.

I think the technique would be fabulous on a simple white linen shirt, too . . . or maybe even on a quilt.

Interesting Fabric manipulation

Oh, and, on the corner, another kind of bloom . . .

Another Quilt Block in the side walk, near Neiman Marcus


Christine Thresh said...

Do you have a closer close-up? The technique looks really interesting.

Debra Dixon said...

Yes, that's an azalea blossom. Interesting technique! It would work in well with CQ.

Rian said...

Very interesting! 40s is COLD! But I bet that 40s & rain beats 20s and snow in Michigan!

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