Thursday, February 18, 2010

Block Lotto Give-Away Prize and Tutorial

4 x 4-1/2 Inches hand quilting kitMaybe I should always watch more television.  Somehow, all those hours of Olympics coverage have kept me home and busy with knitting and quilting projects.

Last night, I made this little sewing kit.  It will be going to the quilter who creates the longest word or phrase (as measured by number of letters and punctuation, not actually block length) on the Block Lotto this month.

The inspiration and the copy It's an embellished, quilted copy of a quilt shop giveaway from Moda that I've been using for years.  The heart is a class project from a beaded quilt workshop with Ann Fahl at the last Mancuso show in Lansing–yes, it has been hanging around for that long.  I'm really pleased that I was able to put it to a practical use.

My sewing kit is  only four by four and a half inches, but I've always been able to pack the well-used original with what I need for a take-along appliqué or hand-piecing project: small scissors, a packet of needles, appliqué or hand piecing templates and a mini-sandpaper board in the large pocket; thimble and a spool of thread in the smaller double pocket; a few parked needles and pins stuck into the felt, with small blocks or cut pieces inside the felt pages. It works for me and I hope it will be a beautiful and useful gift for our longest phrase winner this month.

Filling the kit Double pocket Using the felt

Even if you don't want to enter the lotto this month with a long, liberated love letter for a chance to win this prize, you can have one of these for your very own . . . if you're willing to spend an evening making it. I have posted a step-by-step tutorial here: My Portable Handwork Sewing Kit.  Maybe you have a odd mini block or a workshop sample, too, that could be featured on the cover of your kit.  Maybe you'd like to try one of Leah Day's 365 Freemotion Quilting Filler Designs–a little 5" x 10" quiltlet is a quick and easy way to play to explore something new.

But, of course, I'd love to see some more Liberated Love Letters this month ... so joining the lotto for a chance to win is OK, too.  The current contender for longest block is Kristen's Hunka-Hunka Burnin' Love.


Tapestry Tree said...

Oh, that is TOO cute! Thanks for posting the tutorial, I am going to have to make one of these of my very own! I could carry all the supplies I need for my english paper piecing project I'm working on.

lj_cox said...

How cute (and handy!) is that! I'll have to take a look at the tutorial. Thanks for posting it.

sophie said...

My Moda-giveaway original has been so useful (and just the right size), it made sense to me to share how I made the copy. I hope you both check it out and, if you make one of your own, post a photo. These are like little canvases, perfect to showcase a small piece of quilting art.

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