Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Here

I just installed the iPhone app.

It looks and works just like the HD version available for the iPad.

It's free and I can't imagine a quilter or quilt appreciator who wouldn't enjoy it.

There are individual photos of all the quilts in this amazing show–I know, I know, I promise to stop gushing about it soon ;-)

The individual quilt pages look like this.  You click the image to make it full screen and can zoom in further using standard iPhone/iPad gestures.

I'm thinking with this on my phone, I will never be bored standing in line again . . .

To find it, go to the iTunes store and search for Infinite Variety.

Your search results will include this:

We did ask the techies at the show and, sorry, no plans to produce a version for android devices :-(


Funky's Mama said...

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing this. I was considering flying 3000 miles for the day, but this is much simpler, plus I can keep it. ;)

sophie said...

Plus, with the app, you are able to completely focue on one quilt at a time ... something that is pretty much impossible at the show.

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