Friday, February 22, 2013

Do Over

Ready for a Do-overSpeaking of yellow blooms  . . .  this is the first folky sunflower-like bloom I added to the chunky pieced black background for my tea towel challenge quilt.

I like the color and texture of the gold vintage table cloth, but my needleturn appliqué skills were no match for the loosely woven, thick fabric. I just couldn't make the curves on the ends of some of those "petals" look good.

So, for a few days, work on this project stopped while I considered my options.

Using a different techniqueLast night I remembered a technique for preparing appliqué learned in a Jane Sassaman workshop many years ago using fusible interfacing and a glue stick.  It's time consuming to prepare the pieces . . . but I think it's going to produce nicer shapes.  The two smaller flowers pinned in place on the left were prepared this way and are ready to be sewn.   The original appliqué will be removed and replaced ...

I love the problem solving aspect of quilting and that there are always multiple ways to solve the problem or accomplish your design/vision.

I'll be glad to finish the blooms ... so I can add some leaves on those skinny stems and get busy with a couple of other sections I know I want to add to this quilt.

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Anonymous said...

They all look good to me. =) I usually needle turn, but before that, I used a freezer paper and rubber cement method that worked like a charm.

Tina Craig said...

That's why we keep taking classes and learning new techniques. The trick is to remember them all!

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