Sunday, April 07, 2013

Old Class Project Becomes New Pillow

I've been thinking about it for a while and this afternoon decided to just do it.  Starting with:
  • a hand-quilted piece–a class project from my first attempt at hand quilting in class
  • four mostly red 16 patch blocks, made during the first Rainbow Scrap Challenge a couple years ago
  • some notions - zipper, fabric and filling for making piping
Materials for Pillow

I sewed the 16-patches together to form the back, layered and quilted it.  Made piping. And put it all together to make a pillow cover.

Front of Pillow Back of Pillow

Now I can admire my first stitches more easily ... and it will provide some comfort on the Chippendale desk chair.

Back of Pillow


Unknown said...

I love what you have done with your quilting sample, I have a 16" sample of my hand quilting and have wondered what to do with it, a pillow in my bedroom would be of use, thank you

CharlotteT said...

I like your pillow very much. i used my class project (just like yours) as a scrap to practice machine quilting on. Wish I had made a pillow, it was pretty.

Kate North said...

I like this a lot - and nice to have something finished you can enjoy instead of a half-done project...

Anonymous said...

I love both sides of it. How great to take care of two pieces of UFO in one day!

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