Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is it Luck or Synchronicity?

Lately, I've been lucky and won some wonderful things from blog giveaways.

Luck or Synchronicity?

The latest is the Feathered Stars book and add-a-quarter ruler, from Quiltmaker. When I entered the drawing a few weeks ago, I knew I had committed to, but not yet begun the #365-feathers project. I plan to make my first paper foundation pieced feathered star from that book later today.

But, as for the rest, some happy instances of synchronicity have happened. I was thrilled to win Judy Dales ' class book on designing and sewing curves from Angie's Blog. Until it arrived and I was flipping through it, I had forgotten all about this bird ... which became my project number 8 of the Daily Feather.

The Bird in the book and my effort

I love this bird so much ... but am a little less than happy with my curved piecing.  Next, I plan to hand pieced another–I hope that by slowing down, I'll be able to really see how the pieces need to go together.

Then one day, as I was looking at fabrics with a future feather project in mind, I noticed the color palette I was thinking about was very close to those colors in the beautiful Pat Sloan fabrics in the fabric tassel, won on her blog ... so you can expect to see those beauties turning up as a daily feather in the future, too.

Those itty bitty paper pieces for making a miniature Dresden quilt have NOTHING to do with feathers, but I expect they will provide a necessary break if the feather theme starts to feel stale ... and what better fabrics to use than that pretty tone-on-tone rainbow, provided by Kathy.

I don't know if I'm looking at the world through feather-colored glasses or if the universe is, in it's way, providing the support to keep me on this feathered path.  Either way, lately, I'm feeling like a lucky girl and the feather-themed ideas just keep coming.

I'm joining Esther's WOW list–her new BOM starts Friday! and WIPS Wednesday on Freshly pieced, because sometimes, progress is made, simply by deciding on fabrics or patterns and getting it organized in a way that it suddenly becomes do-able.


Quilter Kathy said... happy these fabrics will find a place in one of your quilts!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you are able to work so much into your feathers project.

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