Friday, June 21, 2013

Seven Days Done ... 358 Days To Go

This week, I've played with paint, food, yarn, an iPad application and ... a bit of fabric as part of my #365-Feathers project. (Blogged on The Daily Feather) ... and I have to confess that it's been fun.

003 - Arugula as Wing FeathersAfter choosing feathers as a theme, I started seeing them everywhere ... even the arugula in my salad bowl seemed quite feather-y and became the basis of this project/lunch.   A search for feather patterns on Ravelry returned not only the expected feather-design lace patterns, but a pattern for a knitted feather ... of course I had to make one.

005 - knitted feather

I have already tried a few new things (which was one of the motivating factors for me), like making a large freezer paper stencil to paint on fabric for a pillow and sketching (a feather cat toy) on my iPad.

0004 - Cat's Feather Toy007 - Stenciled Feather   

OK, I admit that I HAVE played on the ArtStudio app before ... just never shared my sad efforts until this week :-)

In Action
Of course, there were (a few) quilt-related projects--here's my itty bitty pin cushion with appliqué feather and the first two in what I hope will become a series of feathered star blocks.

002 Feathered Star Quilt Block    005 - Another Feathered Star

Aside from the monthly Block Lotto, I am not very good at creating and producing on a schedule and so I view even seven consecutive days of feather-related projects as a victory.  Can I get a whoop whoop for creating seven feathers in seven days?  I'm also joining Glen's Linky Party for 365 projects.

If you were to begin a 365 adventure of your own, what theme would you choose?

I warn you, once you answer the hypothetical question ... the idea may persist until you decide, like I did, to start a 365 project of your own.


Gail in Vegas said...

Nice work Sophie! Congrats on sticking to it for the first 7 days. As I've watched your progress, I've tried to imagine a challenge like this and don't find a successful outcome in my mind.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Whoop whoop! to you, girlfriend!

You sound like an avid 365er

quiltedfabricart said...

Awesome! Love the arugula feathers

Farm Quilter said...

I could never do a 365 challenge like this! One a week would probably even be pushing it :) Congratulations on making 7 days in a row - it is hard to make time every day for this kind of thing!!

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