Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Counting Blocks - February

Although February had it's hopeful moments, most of the events in my life last month fall in the category of bad things keep happening ... and so I didn't blog much.  I also didn't quilt much or make many quilt blocks, but as usual, my commitment to the Block Lotto meant my life was not completely devoid of quilting.

Here's my list for February for Prairie Moon Quilts' 350 Block Challenge:

Snails Trails Blocks

5 Snail's Trail blocks for the Block Lotto,
4 more for my Rainbow Scraps graduated sampler
7 for Old Macdonald's Mystery Sampler
1 (below) block using the same pattern with a different fabric placement for an entirely different block.

A completely different block

That's 17 blocks for February and 49 blocks in 2016 so far.


Julierose said...

Love your Snail Trails--they are so soft and lovely...February has not been good for us either --too many illnesses and my DH's recurrence of his problem even after surgery to correct it!!
Right now after 5 days on meds, I am STILL coughing despite antibiotics and an inhaler--(bronchitis and two ear infections will do that I guess). I have done zilch in the quilting dept.
A bit of scrapbooking --but am just tired and draggy (and saggy, but that's another story for another day lol)...hope March will pick up for us both--hugs, Julierose

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry the month was a bust in other areas, but I'm glad you had lotto blocks to keep you coming back to the machine. I'm still not sick of Snail's Trail! I love your green ones best. I'm going to make 3 more for my sampler - and I still need one bird from January, too. Here's hoping March is a better month in your life.

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