Monday, March 14, 2016

Updates from My Design Wall

My design wall hasn't changed much ...


I still haven't made much progress on the borders for the mini-Clover Blossom quilt ... I am procrastinating my decision to make 80-some more tiny triangles for the border.  My Curvy Rails block for the Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine's Challenge, Everything Old is New Again, is still there.  If you haven't yet voted for your favorite Modern interpretation of the traditional rail fence block, you can click the link to check out all the entries and vote for your favorite ... though Moira's block seems to be the Donald Trump in this social media vote.

Hand Pieced UnitsThe purple block is the redesign of Curvy Rails that I blogged about yesterday.

PBS kindly re-broadcast the finale of Downton Abbey last night, so I hand-pieced the new curvy units and watched it one last time.

I sewed them together on the machine this morning.

Wavy Gravy Test Block

I DO prefer the redesigned block (which I am calling Wavy Gravy), but I can't say if it's because:

  • I like the smaller size (8 inches square)
  • It needed a fourth fabric
  • It has much better value contrast
  • I like it better without the center circle
  • I prefer the scrappiness of the fabric choices to being limited to fabrics by one designer or one fabric manufacturer
What do you think?  

I plan to hand piece a few more of these blocks this week to see how they look together and consider it as a possible new big, long-term rainbow scraps challenge project. 

What do you plan to do this week? 

I'm joining the lists for Monday Making and  Design Wall Monday


Libby in TN said...

All of the above. Better value contrast and the circle didn't add anything. Not sure if it would make a difference in using one designer, but if it makes you feel better ... or lets you use that FQ bundle you couldn't resist ....

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I wanted to vote for your block, Curvy Rails, which I really like best. I followed your link but could not vote because I don't have a FB account…..just wanted you to know! Is there a tutorial for this block somewhere? Thanks for all of your great ideas!

Christa said...

I like it without the center better too. As Libby said: it didn't add anything. Love the purple one. Is there a tutorial/pattern somewhere for it? You are so innovative.

Moira said...

Love the new version of the challenge block and the colors you used in it. I know I'm chafing at having to use only fab's from one company, but on the other hand I do love the fairy frost ones i'm using.

BTW - I voted for your block. =)

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be procrastinating a decision like that. =) I like the purple one better because of the circle gone and the scrappy fabrics. All your reasons are good ones, but I realized when I looked at the two together how much more I like it with no circle - which I didn't realize bothered me until I saw it without! I like 4 fabrics better, too. It seems more balanced. I can see that in four shades/tints of one color and it would be amazing.

stitch quilt knit said...

I really love purple wavy blocks and without the circle. Great colour combinations! :))

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