Sunday, March 06, 2016

Last Chance for a Slow Stitch Sunday with the Dowager Countess

Slow stitching on Sunday evening while spending an hour with the Dowager Countess of Grantham and everyone else at Downton Abbey has become my habit.

It sounds silly, but today I have been thinking about my need to create a new slow-stitch Sunday habit to replace it that feels as much of a perfect match. I am thinking about Sunday afternoon listening to classical music while stitching ... wonder if I can make that habit stick?

I haven't posted many Sunday slow stitching posts, because I have been slow knitting instead of something quilting-related and I appreciate that most of the followers of this blog are interested in quilting ... my current project is this hat, which is double knit on tiny size 2 needles which I also refer to as "toothpicks."

Double Knitting
Double knitting is a curious technique where you knit one stitch on the outside then one stitch facing the other direction on the inside.  if you are using two colors, as I am here, then you can easily see the outside/inside stitches alternating on the needle and you switch threads for each stitch ... like I said, it's slow-knitting. The result is a two-layer piece, which is only connected at the edge and wherever the yarns are switched to create the color-work pattern.

If you have followed this blog a while, you might guess that this project came out of the 365 Feathers project, and it did, but I ended up waiting until I was prepared to try something new and challenging.

Because I used the 16 inch circular needles prescribed in the pattern, I really can't tell if it is actually going to fit my 23-inch head when I'm through. It's a long, slow, leap-of-faith project for me.

The pattern is called Feather in my Cap.  There are only a few projects for it on Ralvery, including mine. Because I am knitting the cloche version of the pattern, I refer to this project as Feather in my Cloche.

Although I am knitting it gold-side out, to make it easier to see the stitches, I will likely wear it the other way 'round, brown with a gold feather. You can get a peek from the other side here.  I have a long, down filled brown coat and a camel-colored wool toggle coat and picked colors that I thought would work with both of them.

Double Knitting

I still have quite a ways to go and after the color work for the feather is done, it's going to be VERY BORING KNITTING which always slows me down ... maybe it will be ready by the time winter rolls around again. 

Does anyone else have a Downton Abbey habit they need to replace or a good idea for me of an anchor that will keep me slow stitching on Sundays


Moira said...

Love how that is turning out! But I can guarantee it'll be something I never try. =)

Quilter Kathy said...

I have never heard of double knitting before... looks very challenging from here!
I will miss Downton something fierce. i don't what will replace it.
I can picture myself watching some of the old series episodes on Sunday nights for a while!

Elizabeth said...

Interesting project, Sophie. There is a similar technique in weaving -- two layers (and sometimes more) woven together to form a pattern on both sides. It's called "bound weave", and I have a long rug I wove while watching "Roots", way back in the 70's. I'm not good at watching TV these days without something to keep my hands busy. I'll probably re-watch "Foyle's War" or another BBC oldie, unless Masterpiece comes up with something wonderful again. "Downton" is a tough act to follow...

Unknown said...

I enjoy double knitting. It's the only way to go for a headband or hat that will stand up to -30F windchills in MN. I've not seen the feather pattern before and it's beautiful. Did you design it? I've been working on little Xmas stockings for my hometown hospital. They are given away during
Dec. to patients. It's a project my Mom does. We'll just have to see what Masterpiece comes up with next.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I love Doc Martin, but he is on Thursdays on PBS. I love the juxtaposition of his odd personality with the friendly villagers!

Love your hat. McGee would love it too.........

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