Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Blocks from Old Fabrics

20 Summer Vine BlocksCan someone please explain why I suddenly feel like finishing this very old project? It's become my latest obsession.

Here are 40 of the 54 blocks I've accumulated since uncovering the package of 35 blocks and many many strips from a fabric swap in 2002, some still hermetically sealed in their press-n-seal wrappings.

Since sharing this very old scrap project over the weekend, I have since found a link to the designer's quilt pattern - showing two possible layouts:

Summer Vine and Ebb and Flow

I also found the original block directions from Simply Quilts on the internet Wayback Machine, here:

Two-Sided Quilts

My design wall shows another layout possibility and the one that I am considering, which will include a combination of thick and thin sashing between the blocks - please excuse the oops blocks in the second row ... how come we never see these things until after the photo is taken and posted for the whole world-wide net to see?

If I ever wondered about just how old some of the fabrics in my scrap bins are ... how about this side-by-side image.

On the left is one of the Violet blocks I made a few weeks ago, using a blue-violet print from my scrap bin for this month's Block Lotto–at least I paired it with a very modern Allison Glass background.  On the right is a block that I made in 2002 from the same fabric, which was likely purchased for this fabric swap.

As soon as I prepare the sneak peek for the Block Lotto that will be going out tomorrow–so be sure to post your violet blocks if you haven't already–I will inevitably be returning to this very old UFO that now urgently wants to be finished ... maybe it's not me being compulsive, but the quilt that is pushing me to finish the darn thing ;-)

I am linking with Linky Tuesday and Mid-week Makers with this WIP Wednesday post.


Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Isn't it lovely when you come across a block you haven't seen before? I think I prefer your layout, or the original pattern to the other two. Good luck for an early finish.

Smiles from

Jacqueline said...

You go girl. And thank you for the links. I really like this block and will add it to my forever growing tdl.

Mystic Quilter said...

I've just had a quick peek at the link you've given - I definitely prefer your lovely design.

Anonymous said...

Of all the choices, I like your setting best. For me, I probably wouldn't put any sashing, just make the old-fashioned block from the parts you have. =) I can understand the push to finish it. It's a lovely quilt, no matter how it's put together.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Wow, that block is pretty versatile! I wouldn't have thought it looked good in so many ways.

I know! You are trying to keep up with my deep, dark corner that held so many old isn't always good to have that corner, it is weighty.

joe tulips said...

It's so old, it's new again! Easter break starts today! I'm sewing flowers. So I'm not checking links yet. But I had to say I love what is happening with the blocks!

Susan said...

Sometimes quilts have to sit awhile before they speak to us again. This one is lovely, no matter the age.
Susan @ quiltfabrication

Nann said...

I like your setting better than the designer's. Some of my fabric has been in my stash for a long time -- I cut scraps into a number of standard sizes, some of which I don't use as often as others. When I do have occasion to dip into the boxes of lesser-used shapes I will come across a couple of those old-timers.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I like your layout -- and I would be finishing this scrappy beauty, too.

Cathy said...

Your layout beats all the others hands down. I can see why you are itching to finish it. I really like this block and am thinking it would look wonderful in 30 repros (in your setting).

Sharon said...

I have some pretty old scraps too, and I'm not afraid to use them. Unless I think they're ugly now. Then they get donated somewhere. :)

I like your setting idea for these blocks. Yes, I have old projects in various stages that demand to be finished. Working on one or two right now! Sometimes they have to "age" properly. I try to finish at least one or two every year, in between the new projects.

Kaja said...

This is pretty! I too like your layout the bet, and there's something about your colour combinations and the spread of brights and pastels that gives this a very appealing character.

Florence said...

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