Friday, December 29, 2006

Play Day

Christmas and Holiday Traditions

Saturday, I met a friend at the Frederick Meijer Gardens. I know what you're thinking ... gardens? in winter? in western Michigan? They have several galleries and environments indoors and each year, about this time, they celebrate Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World.

There are trees decorated to represent the traditions of many countries. I loved the very colorful Mexico tree (and thought Debra would, too.)

Mexico tree knitted sheep ornament

One of my personal favorites was this very small knitted black sheep ornament on the Peru tree.

Security Guard pushes us to build an Arch

We wandered into the Sculpture learning center and were encouraged to build an arch by the security guard.

We rose to the occaision ... and ... Tada! Success!

Completed Arch

A sign there said that All sculpture are made of line, shape, form, color, texture and space ... I thought the same could be said of quilts. Speaking of quilts, when Amy and I saw this marble sculpture by Wolfgang Kubach and Anna Maria Kubach-Wilmsen, we saw fabric bolts ... what do you see?

Book Tower


Kim said...

As soon as I saw the picture I saw fabric, then I read your word.

quiltpixie said...

I can see fabric now that you've said it, but when I first looked I saw books -- just like the stack beside my bed :-)

Jane Ann said...

What do I see? I see the corner of 5th and Church in Nashville, in front of our wonderful new Robert A. M. Stern-designed Public Library stands! (Unfortunately, there's no picture on the website, only a written description.) I did a double-take when I saw your photo. It must have been a prototype for the sculpture in Nashville, which is made by the same artists, includes 26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet, BUT ours is 20 feet tall! I adore it (it's wonderful in huge scale) and was shocked to see a smaller version on your blog! Small world, huh? (Ours was apparently made in Germany of many different stones and then transported to Twang Town for installation.)

(I broke the link to get it all in the comment box. There's no break between about and the / .)

Suze said...

Your post reminded me to take a picture of one of the gifts I got from a friend...a little black sheep that has a measuring tape inside. You pull on his tail to get the tape out!

I saw books too at first glance...especially from the top piece..

On the arch...did you build it over the arch shape then slide the form out of the way?

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Debra Spincic said...

Debra loves the Mexican tree, the arch and the stack of fabric!

sophie said...

Suze, that's exactly right. We stacked the blocks on each side of the form, pushed the keystone in at the top, suspended disbelief and pulled out the form.

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